Sep 27 2017

Why Hire an SEO Company to Conduct Site Audit

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The term ‘audit’ usually has a negative connotation. It can be nerve-wracking to hear that your business is being audited. It’s as though you did something wrong. But a site audit is different. t’s performed for the benefit of your website. In short, it’s a good thing.

A website audit is performed by SEO companies. It can show you how healthy or search engine friendly your website is. It can direct you to areas you may be doing wrong and those you’re doing the right way.

What does an SEO company check during a site audit?
During a site audit, every page within your business website is crawled. For accurate findings, an SEO agency in Singapore uses a software to conduct the site audit. Among the information being analyzed are the following:

1. Technical Issues. Your website may have issues that you overlook but which can impact user experience. These issues need to be brought to your attention so they can be resolved as soon as possible. Your site speed is checked, for example how long it takes before a page loads completely. Security is also another factor being examined.

2. Duplicate Content. Are there blog entries that have been discussed more than twice? Is there a copy that has been used over again across pages on your website? Perhaps your meta descriptions are too similar with one another. It helps to ensure that your content is unique across your site. With an SEO audit, you’ll find out which content needs revisions to make it original.

3. Other Content Issues. Keywords, subheadings, titles, tags, inbound and outbound links are among those elements reviewed during an SEO audit. You no longer have to manually check your content one by one as you’re alerted which ones need improvement.

Benefits of performing Site Audit
Site audit has to be performed regularly since you’re also updating your content regularly. This is also the advantage of hiring SEO specialists as you have a team you can trust for the job. If you have not yet performed an SEO audit for your business websites, here are benefits you’re missing out on.

1. Ensuring your site is user-friendly. Let’s face it, website users are your most credible resource when it comes to site performance. But you need not conduct a survey as often. There’s an easier and more effective way you can evaluate your website. That is through an SEO audit done the right way. You may be missing internal links that your readers can find beneficial. You probably are overlooking ways to bring traffic to all your web pages.

2. Improving search engine rankings. If your website is SEO-friendly then you have more chances of improving search rankings. Over time, once you or your team are already familiar with the best SEO practices, you can also decrease site issues within your site. For one, you already know how to format your content so it’s easier to read and understand.

3. Finally, keeping your website updated. You need to send signals that your website is active and regularly updated. With the help of a site audit, an SEO company can help ensure that your page performs continuously well on search engines.