Aug 11 2016

Why Hire an SEO Company Specialising in Local Search Optimisation

Local SEO

If you want your local business to increase customer base and make more money, you need to focus on local SEO as well. With local SEO, you’re promoting your products and services to local customers.


You’re limiting your marketing efforts to cater only to potential customers. You avoid spending unnecessary time, energy, and resources from reaching out to people you aren’t sure would be interested about your business.


An SEO company in Singapore that specialises in optimising for local search can help you on this. You won’t have to sign up for advertising slots on local newspapers or radio stations.


You can take out less marketing budget for impressive results. That’s the power of targeted SEO efforts. Let’s take a look at more benefits you can gain from using SEO services to boost your local search rankings.


Local customers turn to Internet to find solutions to their problems

Gone are the days when consumers would walk around the neighbourhood or scan through pages of directories to find service providers they need.


All it takes are a few clicks online and they are directed to a slew of choices. Whether they are looking for kitchen supplies, home renovation services, or even health supplements, people these days take advantage of local searches.


You’d want to be there when a potential customer requires your service. You’d want to be there when they are ready to buy. Of course the first step to this is getting found online.


A reputable SEO agency Singapore based can help optimise your local presence in search engines.


Local search offers high conversion rate

People won’t search for dentistry services located in a neighbouring country or even a distant town if they can find it from where they are.


You’d see the pattern as to how Internet users search for items and services they need. Chances are they’d include the location they’re in to filter search results. If your business caters to local consumers, you need to take your business closer to these people.


Ranking for global searches is good but there is a very slim chance you’d end up having customers from another region. There’s no better time to reach your target audience than when they actually are actively searching for you.


Potential customers are already the ones knocking on your door. You just have to be there to welcome them in. Otherwise, it would be easy for them to switch to another business.


Don’t let your business get left behind. Consider using SEO services Singapore agencies offer. Optimise for local searches and put your business in the local map.


Providing customers information they need when they need it

If you try to search for your business today, what information is available for users to see? Is your website updated? Is your content fresh?


Are the contact details listed on your site still working? Do you offer complete information on services that you offer? If people decide to visit you, would they find your store on the local map? Would they be able to locate your business with ease?


As much as you hope potential clients would be patient, they won’t. They need quick answers. Your business needs to keep up. By working with SEO companies in Singapore, you can ensure to receive professional assistance you need in updating your website.


You can make sure that every content is optimised, user-friendly, and informative. You’d even be able to receive bookings online. This helps you manage your support service tasks as well as you already provide answers to common customer questions.


The best part of it all is that potential clients can see this information anytime they want to. Your website will be working hard for you even when you’re at sleep!


Reaching out to mobile users

Mobile internet use is on the rise. More and more people spend their time on the road using the Internet. You need to be where these people are. By optimising your local business to search engines, you can be sure that your target audience will know that you exist, regardless the device they use.


An SEO services provider would provide you tips what you need to improve on your website. One of which is your site’s responsiveness. Once you have made sure that your business site is responsive, then you also increase your chances of better clickthrough rate. Dwell time is likely to increase as well if your site is easy to navigate even if users are using their mobile device.


Even if people recognise your business name, chances are they’d switch to another site if yours is sloppy when accessed through mobile phones.


Finally, welcoming online business reviews

Do you read reviews before purchasing a product or using a service? Just like any consumer, you’d want to hear what others have to say about a product or service before trying it yourself.


Purchasing means no turning back after all. You can have a product exchanged or returned but the process itself already has done damage on your time and effort.


In this regard, you’d want to invite your customers to leave their feedback about your business online. But of course, in order for them to do so, you need to provide them a platform they can use.


SEO companies can help you out on this. By signing up on local review sites, you also get to communicate directly to existing and prospective clients. You also get to gather ideas how you can improve your business, depending on usual concerns raised by customers.


If prospective clients see that you have several happy clients and that you also promptly respond to customer concerns, they are more likely to do business with you too. Who doesn’t want a new customer?


Optimising your local business for search engines isn’t an option anymore. It’s imperative for any local business that is looking for long-term success in the business.


Customers also appreciate the effort you’re putting to making your site helpful. Don’t think of hiring SEO companies as an additional expense.


SEO is an investment for your local business. An investment that offers high returns. All for the fraction of the cost you’d have to pay for traditional marketing.