Sep 28 2016

Why Hire a Local SEO Company in Singapore


Hoping to fare better in search engine results? Everyone does. Have you hired someone to help you with this important task? Consider working with local SEO experts.


You may be thinking, won’t it be better to work with bigger companies that offer services worldwide? That’s great as you’re choosing to work with a team that has already established their reputation in the industry. However, since you’re only starting to understand search engine optimisation better and how it works for your business, you may enjoy better benefits from focusing on local companies based in Singapore.


Think about your business. At this stage, are you looking to attract local customers? Or do you immediately want to offer your products and services in an international scale? If your focus is on building your brand among local consumers, then the more you should consider local SEO. After all, this means that you’re working with industry professionals that understands what people you’re targeting are looking for.


If you’re marketing locally, you could enjoy even more success as you trust an SEO agency Singapore-based. Here’s why:


They know your community and its people well.

The success of your business lies in your customers. And the secret to starting a positive relationship with your target audience is knowing what makes them tick, what makes them anxious, and what makes them happy. In this regard, you gain an advantage as you partner with a team that knows these people. That’s the expertise that SEO agencies would be able provide you that their bigger counterparts may not be able to.


They know how to speak the language of the community you’re looking to connect with. They’re aware of the best approach to use to reaching out to these people. And not only can they serve as a bridge to your target customers, they can also help pave the way for business partnerships.


Since they know the community as well as other business owners like you, they would be able to recommend potential partners they know that best fits your needs. But that’s not it. Apart from potential partners, they also know your competitors. And you know how important it is to get to know those you are competing with so you can also level up your game.


You won’t have to go about your SEO strategy blindfolded. Local SEO experts would be able to guide you throughout.


They’re also aware of local policies.

As you execute local marketing campaigns, you also would need to keep in mind any policies or regulations in the area. Local SEO professionals would help ensure that you abide by the rules.


They can also offer advice as you develop your digital marketing strategy, not just the SEO management per se. You’d feel more confident about the success of your business plan as you have received adequate guidance and support while developing it.  


They can give you a heads-up early on if they see any restrictions or limitations with your project execution. You can then avoid wasting time and money by concentrating on efforts that are feasible or realistic.


Communication is a lot easier.

When you work with local SEO companies in Singapore, communication will also prove to be simpler and easier.  There are no language barriers. You can get your message across with ease, and without worrying whether you’re on the same page with the receiving end.


Should there be a need to hold personal or one-on-one meetings, this is as well possible. Since you’re based in the same area, it will be easier to squeeze in urgent talks. You also won’t have to be too detailed when explaining yourself. Chances are the SEO company would already understand where you’re coming from even before you’re done with your statement.


Success in local SEO is always a teamwork between the client and the SEO professional. Cooperation is easier to achieve between two parties that are able to relate with one another.


They work hard to keep your SEO efforts working for you.

Local SEO is done best only by local SEO professionals. You can’t expect someone to sell a native delicacy when they’re from another country. This requires deep understanding of the culture and the people. The same goes for local SEO efforts.


This is a highly specialised field that not everyone can be called experts. Just because they run an SEO agency does not mean they are competent as well with local SEO. Local SEO professionals, on the other hand, have gained their knowledge and experience over years of practice and years of working with local clients like you.


They’re aware of the best practices and techniques and can as well help educate you better. Not only that, they also understand the local culture, which means they can help you design a campaign that appeals to your audience.


They also help see to it that your SEO efforts all reflect positively on your brand. They’d study your off-page strategy and find opportunities to partner with an industry authority. This will help drive organic traffic to your site and also boost your site’s authority.


Besides off-page SEO, they’d also take care of your on-page SEO, making sure that each of your content is optimised. Their job does not end with having posts published. They make sure that every effort is monitored. They use research to power the next set of strategies they’re recommending.


Finally, they put your business on the map.

Local SEO experts make sure that your business is easily found by local consumers. They help you in setting up local pages in local directory sites. The next time someone searches for you, they’d see information about you on the local map, accompanied with user reviews and more information about your business.


That is apart from your business website still. Keywords they use for your campaign are also geo-targeted or location specific. You can keep peace of mind they’re not helping rank for ‘best coffee shop’, instead they’re helping you rank say for ‘best coffee shop haji lane singapore’.  


They help boost your brand visibility so you can earn more traffic and in turn, enjoy higher conversion rate.