Oct 26 2016

What an SEO Company Would Tell You About Search and Content Marketing

SEO or Content? Which area should you focus your efforts on? Is one more important than the other? Will content replace SEO?

If you’re bothered by these questions too, well you’re not alone. Business owners would often ask these to any SEO company they get to talk to. While search agencies these days would often be seen highlighting their expertise in content marketing, this doesn’t mean that content will replace search engine optimization any time soon.

Truth is, these two work well together. So much so that your efforts to boost rankings will not be complete unless you as well explore content. This is not to say, though, that these two areas are the same and are interchangeable. For the record, they have key differences.

If you’ve long been studying SEO techniques for your business, you probably are well aware how it works. You need to look into keyword use, tags, link earning, and the list goes on. Simply put, it could be highly technical for a newbie.

Content marketing, on the other hand, is producing high quality content that which would help you attract traffic.

Now onto their working relationship.

With SEO, you need to ensure that you’re using quality content. For one, you can’t keep repeating the same keyword phrase throughout a post.

For content, meanwhile, you need to ensure that your site, in the first place, is SEO optimized. You need to help search crawlers understand what your business is about so they can as well properly classify your content.

You can’t leave SEO behind for content. Nor would it work the other way around. Every true SEO agency Singapore based or anywhere across the globe would tell you so.

Let’s talk more about ways you can combine SEO and Content efforts for your business.


  • Placing yourself in the audience’s shoes as you conduct keyword research.


Your content should easily be understood by a sixth grader. This means it should be easy to read. And that the reader will not have to reach for a dictionary to get what you mean. If your business uses a ton of technical terms or jargons, you need to tone it down a bit. Be more user-friendly.

Conducting your keyword research is important as it gives you an insight on search terms your target audience is using. Here you’ll as well learn more about the language or terms that people that matter to your business are more likely to use.

Imagine spending time and effort in creating quality articles that nobody’s looking for. You can do better than this. But first, you need to know the questions that buyers have in mind so you can as well address them.

Gone are the days when you could impress people by blurting out words nobody understands. If that’s the way you write online, you’re scaring potential customers away. You see, both your SEO and content efforts could make good use of a comprehensive keyword research.

  1.   Ensuring your content is unique and quality.

It’s been said over again. It’s not a contest on the most number of. It’s a matter of quality. Thin content no longer works today as it did before. If you are to supply content on your blog, be sure it’s not created for the sake of publishing something new. It should be unique and useful.

You’ll want to attract new followers which you’ll be able to achieve with quality content. For a start, take a look at content you have on site and ask yourself whether it would convince your readers to linger.

If you are only beginning to fill your site with content, do invest in evergreen content. This type of content would still be relevant even after years from now.

While writing about today’s trend would give you a boost in traffic, writing on timeless topics can earn you traffic for the long-term.

The surge in views may not be instant but you have higher chances of gaining visits even for the years to come.

How do you know if a topic is evergreen? Try searching for it yourself online. If you see posts from way back three years ago still ranking and even see new ones on the line, then that’s a sign it’s evergreen.

  1.   Tracking performance of keywords.

The job is not done once you’ve sent out your content to your followers. You need to track as well the performance of your content. See if they help you improve your search rankings.

Note, though, that you’ll not see results in an instant. There is no guarantee of success too. But, if you will study your efforts, you’ll be able to reduce risks along the way.

You’ll know immediately what’s working for your audience and try to concentrate your efforts on this direction. You avoid creating content that doesn’t get noticed. Always remember that quality is your primary concern.

  1.   Looking for quality exposure for your links.

For both content and SEO, you need to ensure that you’re getting quality links. This is easier to achieve with good content as it does the work itself. Audience will want to link to a good post and will be happy to share them as well with their contacts.

If you are to submit your content to other sites, make sure you’re looking at an authority site that is relevant to your business. You’ll not only get exposure. You can also increase your followers. Beware of low quality sites. You don’t want the content you worked hard for be posted alongside low quality articles.

And make sure that you share links to your new posts as well. Your loyal readers will love to see new updates from you.  It’s also one way you can show that your site is alive. And that you’re working hard to deliver content they’ll find useful.

The next time someone asks you whether you should focus more on SEO or content marketing, remember this two should not be working against each other. Do well on both areas so you could see more success for your business site.

Consider using SEO services Singapore professionals offer. They can help you get started with ease. They’ll also help your site maintain good standing for the long-term.