Feb 16 2017

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Hire SEO and Not Manage It Yourself

Since technological innovation started, search engine optimization or SEO services in Singapore has been a very important business strategy for a company’s success today. Its relevance is growing that a lot of people are turning in favour of mobile-only devices than the use of laptops or desktop. The main reason for this change is due to the higher conversion rates that smartphones are giving. With this result, SEO can surely provide one’s company with a lot of value.

In relation, below are the top five compelling reasons why you should indeed hire SEO experts.

  1. SEO is not easy. You’ve done your research regarding the rules and best practices of on-page SEO and believed that you’ve figured out everything there is to know about it. But in reality, it’s a false belief because there’s a lot of ground to cover to have an effective SEO technique. There are technical considerations you must consider that are specific to your website, effective backlinking, content optimisation and user experience.

And when it comes to the local SEO efforts, the pros can suggest and take action on the best strategies for each. To convince you further, why not ask them about their previous SEO projects, let them tell their stories in the said field. This can be a learning experience for you as well.

  1. The pros have the right tools. There are ample of resources online that can help you develop an effective campaign for your SEO marketing plan. But since you’re such a busy marketer, your knowledge is probably limited and not that updated. Also, the related costs of getting these tools are somehow expensive that your budget may not be able to accommodate.

To illustrate, think about the features provided by advanced analytics programs that a regular analytics can’t offer. Premium keyword research tools give greater context and extra insights into your competitors, search volume, keyword relevance, and more.

Mentioned here are what a professional SEO expert invests in (important software is just one of the many stuff) to provide a well-developed SEO plan. In addition, these professionals know what are the best applications for each tool.

  1. The rules keep changing. Reading several SEO related books and being identified as a self-taught SEO expert are all just non-permanent or short-term expertise at its best. Search engines like Google often roll out minor and major algorithm updates or changes; modifications or updates that you know and not know about.

If you are one of the online marketers that work for an SEO company here in Singapore, you likely don’t have the resources or time to determine, understand and optimise your SEO plan for each change Google makes. It’s a job for an SEO expert to focus on algorithm changes and identify how they affect the SERPs or the search engine results pages. Real SEO professionals understand how to monitor for under-the-radar updates too.

  1. Experts can keep track of your competitors’ action plan. One great part of getting the most from your overall SEO efforts is the competitor analysis. Experts can quickly determine the best techniques to set you apart from your competition. In addition, a professional SEO practitioner with experience in your industry will know what has and hasn’t worked for the same businesses. Having these useful insights can enlighten the other aspects of your firm’s efforts. With this, your SEO expert can be considered as an integral part of your company that help create that one of a kind selling proposition, brainstorming content topics, decide which audiences to target, etc.
  2. There’s a serious potential for Return on Investment (ROI). SEO application provides a company that unique opportunity for return on investment or ROI. It targets the people who are particularly looking for the products and services that you have, unlike any other kind of online or offline advertising. Both the traditional way of advertising and the known pay-per-click models (PPC) can demand a remarkable financial investment to be valuable. SEO services from the experts, on the other hand, can be more affordable. In addition, they can deliver results that can continuously boost your purpose along the way.


Choose to hire an SEO expert that knows how to do it properly and effectively and take advantage of more dividends rather than using any other marketing technique.