Sep 07 2016

Our SEO Agency Discussion: Tips to Making Your Website Design SEO-Friendly

A well-designed website will serve your company well. However, the job does not end there. You’d want to ensure that your website receives the traffic it needs from your prospective clients. For this, search engine optimisation is crucial.


Search engine optimisation involves use of various techniques and strategies so your company website would rank higher in search engines. If you want to boost your online presence, using SEO correctly is imperative. You don’t have to do this alone, though, nor should you rush into hiring an in house team that will help you with it.


You can always partner with a professional SEO company in Singapore. They can look into your website and determine potential problem areas. They can recommend ways how you can improve your website pages to ensure that each of them appeal to both consumers and search engines. To help you get started, here are areas that you may want to check in your own website.


Social media integration. Does your website design incorporate social media elements? Are your icons easily visible from every page or post in your site? If not yet, you’re missing out on the opportunity to gain more customers. Every like you gain from your social media followers helps your website rank better too. Think of it as a testimony on how useful or informative your content is. Search engines pick this up. Any SEO agency located in Singapore would tell you that search engines love content that matters to consumers. So don’t let those those likes, shares, or reposts go unnoticed. Make sure your social media accounts are integrated to your company website. Not only will this work in favor of your search engine rankings, this will as well show your potential consumers that your company is easy to connect with.


Optimised images.  It’s common practice for everyone to make sure their text is SEO-friendly but unfortunately, images don’t get the same attention. Images can be and should be SEO optimised because they too can help increase your site’s search engine ranking. Make sure that the description or Alt Text for your images contains one of your keywords. This can be learned on your own but if you are unsure how to start, you can have it included on the SEO services Singapore based professionals are providing you. Also, you may want to practice extra caution when adding images on your site. Images can effectively add appeal to a site but they can also cause a page to load slowly. Make sure to test load speed for your pages but note that search engine experts can also assist you on this. Don’t hesitate to let them know about concerns you have on your site.


SEO-friendly URLs. This one is often overlooked but is important in making sure that your website design is SEO friendly.  You need to help search engine to identify easily what the page is all about. If there is no information in your URLs that will help them do so, then you’re as well hurting your site’s potential to rank higher in search engines. You may want to keep watch of the categories shown in your URLs as well and make it simpler. For example, instead of using, consider using, Be cautious if you are changing URLs for your web pages, though. You may need to assign redirects to them so users are automatically directed to the new URL, instead of being greeted with a broken link notification, which is also not good for your site’s SEO.


Strategically-positioned keywords. You’d want to ensure that your keywords are strategically positioned in your content. Apart from including them on the body of your content, you can as well use them on your images, subheadings, slogans, meta tags, bullets, and even folder names. Make it a habit to ensure that your keywords are incorporated organically on your content because too much use or use that is obviously forced is also not good for your website. Search engines are smart enough to know whether you are optimising too hard for particular keywords.


These tips are only few of that which you can check today to assess your website design’s SEO-friendliness. If you notice several issues on your site, do consider coordinating with a reputable SEO services provider in Singapore. The team can audit your site and from there suggest appropriate steps to help improve your site ranking.