Jun 10 2016

Our SEO Agency Discussion: Mobile Friendliness Today

You might notice that these days, more and more people are relying on mobile devices when looking for businesses and/or services. Our lifestyles are slowly becoming more and more mobile. We don’t stay in one spot for very long.
Mobile device companies are also taking notice of this change and are hence, continuously developing new technological advancements towards making their devices more capable of accessing the internet while people are on the go.
This change, like anything out on the environment, can be used as an advantage for businesses. Why stay in desk top devices when you can also be seen on mobile devices? Being able to be accessible to your targeted customers anytime and anywhere is a key advantage against your competitors.
Things moving onto mobile also gives new opportunities for advertising. Even if people are out of their homes and are on the move, a business can now still be seen every time and everywhere.

Effects of Not Being Mobile Friendly Today
Not making your website mobile compatible is like not evolving to an ever changing environment. If an organism in a changing environment remains the same, its entire population will become extinct. Think of making your website more mobile friendly like a natural progression in an ever changing environment for users.
Recently, there have been a few updates in Google that are mainly focused on websites and their Mobile Accessibility. The most recent news last May 2016 states that the actual updates back in April are now actually being pushed further. Meaning, websites that aren’t already ready for mobile use will begin to a hard time ranking.
This means that even with outstanding onsite content and an excellent track record in customer service, sooner or later, your website will drop out of view in search results because people can’t access your website on mobile devices.
These days, (starting from 2015) more and more searches are being done on mobile devices. One day, when almost everyone in the world are now connected via mobile, websites that did not adapt to mobile compatibility will all be left behind.

Tips on How to be Mobile Friendly
There are a few important ways on how to tweak your website in order for your business to be also available on mobile devices.

Let’s say you use CMS’ like Word press or any platform your hosting provider has, check if the platform has tutorials in it. Lots of platforms have tutorials that will guide you to modify your site. Specially for mobile compatibility.

Below are platforms with their own guidelines in making your site Mobile Friendly. *It will also be easier if you know what platform your website is using.







DataLife Engine




Google Sites

Typepad (external site)

Squarespace (external site)

Wix (external site)

Also, remember that mobile friendly websites are very accessible on mobile devices. Meaning, the set up of all the buttons, menus, even the size of the font on the website has to adapt when it is accessed on mobile.
                                                                                                               Image from: sproutdigital.us