Jun 29 2016

How to Choose the Right SEO Company for Your Business Needs

Choosing The Right SEO Company


When it comes to search engine optimization, the first thing that you need to take note of is that this is only a part of your overall marketing strategy. There is no 100% guarantee that having all your content and pages optimized for search engines would mean increased traffic and conversion right away.

For one, you can have as many visits in a day and only a couple of purchases of new sign-ups. That’s okay. You still would need to convince these users that you are what they have been looking for.  It’s always better to attract visitors and get a chance at impressing than not being found at all in search engines.

As you look for an SEO company to work with, remember that these people do not work with some sort of a black magic. They can help your site improve but not without adequate research and consistent monitoring, which overall would take time. Here are questions to ask to ensure you’re going to the right team for SEO services that you need for your business.

Which areas of the site do they need to take a look at?

Even consultants from companies wouldn’t be able to recommend you a plan of action unless they conduct a thorough research on your site and even of your competitors.

They would need to analyze various aspect such as your content, design, navigation, and coding. For this, they would need to request login information from you. They will as well take a look at links referring to your site and links your site refers to.

If the team jumps into the work right away without even studying your website, then it would be best to move to your next options right away.

Would they be able to help you optimize your content?

Chances are you will need to be working with an SEO copywriter.

The SEO agency you’re working with should as well have someone in their team to look into this. It would be such a waste of time if you will have to look for a writer yourself. Also, the coordination will only turn out a lot more challenging.

It helps if you’re only dealing with a single team for all your SEO efforts. It will be easier to ensure that everyone is working toward a single goal for your business.

Ask steps that the SEO firm is likely to take to helping optimize your site?

When comparing your options, make sure to inquire which strategies they are likely to incorporate for the project.


It’s good to hear that the firm is highly-knowledgeable about various SEO tactics available. However, note that every business would have unique needs. Hence, it is impossible to be able to lay out a plan of action before even starting with an analysis of your site.


If they would only mention some of the steps they did with their previous clients, that that’s okay. But if they give you a concrete plan without even discussing with you, then go the other way and check your other options.


You need to be working together with team when it comes to the strategy, which of course can only be done after conducting comprehensive research and analysis of your site.