Sep 21 2017

How SEO Services Singapore Work?

Google has been a trend setter since time immemorial. They have been creating technical stuff and innovations, which at first would look like useless to common web user’s. But in the long run, it has been proven to be very useful. One of these is search engine optimization. The aforementioned concept, or SEO, has become a consideration for a lot of website owners in terms of maintaining their website. As a part of its domino effect, an industry has been born to comply with the growing requirements set by Google.


Several countries like Singapore, for example, has been actively playing as a major icon in terms of the said innovation. SEO services Singapore-based companies has been popping out and offers services for website optimization. Many people are unfamiliar with SEO. As defined online, SEO or Search Engine Optimization, “is the continuous mechanism of affecting the ranking of a website or a specific page of a website in a web search engine’s unpaid results—usually coined to as “natural”, “organic” or “earned results.”


Basically, it is an algorithm formulated by Google to count either the traffic or the clicks of real users. It also counts the citation or the mention of the said website or a specific keyword by real online users. The end result of the said website has many citations. For example, if the website has a high traffic of users, the specific website will be placed at the higher place of ranking or will appear within the first page of SERP, also known as Search Engine Results Page.


But since it has become an industry that draws a huge amount of profit, some people found a way to trick and cheat Google’s algorithm. Some people or groups found out that they can elevate the traffic of a website by coding annoying pop-up ads linked to the website they are optimizing. These pop-up ads usually appear on the most prominent part of a page. This has been designed for one sole reason, to have user’s accidentally click the pop-up ads which would redirect them to the website being optimized. Regardless if the user is interested in visiting the said website, it will be counted as a traffic.


Another technique these black hat SEO companies is by link farming. Link farm refers to a collection of websites, which are all linked together. Actually, there are tons of ways which has been discovered by these Black Hat SEO practitioners. This is the very reason why Google keeps on updating their algorithm. Google intends to have these black hat practitioners unable to keep up with their algorithm. There have been many updates released by google, namely, Google Hummingbird, Google Mobile Friendly Update, Google Panda Update, Google Penguin Update, Google Pigeon Update, Google Payday Update, Google Pirate Update, Google EMD (Exact Match Domain) Update, Google Top Heavy Update.


These have been implemented by Google over the course of years. For sure, these black hat SEO practitioners will find a way to cheat each update, which is also google ensured that they will continuously update their algorithm, until Black Hat SEO will not be practiced anymore.