Fun Facts About SEO

Search engine optimization or SEO is the practice of increasing a website’s visibility in organic (natural/unpaid) search engines. If your business owns a website, establishing your online presence and improving your search rankings are crucial in generating leads and conversion. So if you’re planning on investing into SEO efforts, keep these numbers and insights in mind.


  1. The second most important on-site element is the page title.

Page titles are displayed at the very top of a browser. Being the second most important element of on-page SEO, having a targeted and effective title tag is essential for your website to perform well on search rankings.


  1. 79% of search engine users report clicking on organic search results.

Rarely do search users click on paid search results.


  1. Meta descriptions with less than 155 characters have more click through rates.

The meta description is a preview that gives search users an idea of the contents of a page. Creating a smart and persuasive meta descriptions can attract clicks based on a user’s interests.


  1. Google is #1.

Among the major search engines, Google owns 65-70% of the search engine market share.


  1. 75% of users rarely scroll past the first page.

According to HubSpot, majority of search users almost never get past the first page of search results.


  1. 18% of organic clicks on Google go to the #1 position.

The #2 and #3 positions receive 10% and 7% of organic clicks respectively.


  1. 9.7% of organic clicks on Bing go to the #1 position.

The #2 and #3 positions receive 5.5% and 2.7% of organic clicks respectively.


  1. The number one source of traffic to content sites is search.

Search overthrows social media by 300% in driving traffic to a site according to Outbrain.


  1. It only takes 10 seconds for users to leave your homepage.

Users only spend 10 seconds on your homepage before fleeing to another website if they can’t relate to your marketing message.


  1. B2B Companies who actively blog have 67% more leads monthly.

Website visitors have more opportunities to connect with your business if you have an active blog.