Jul 27 2017

9 Key Plans That Will Help You Excel at SEO

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Search engine optimization (SEO) should never be left out when planning for any content marketing ideas. But how can marketers or similar people in the industry keep up with the constant change in search engine ranking factors and algorithms?


To help address this issue, this article presents some key points that will be an aid for you to excel at SEO in Singapore and in other countries.


1. Document your SEO strategy

Documentation is an essential marketing technique, and since SEO is its key part, you should begin your efforts by recording your plans for this strategy. The related details may include the methods you’re using, your priorities, how to measure its performance, and the SEO goals you want to achieve.
According to experts, you first need to write a basic strategy then revisit it after analyzing and auditing the existing SEO data and efforts.


2. Choose the right keyword

Choosing keyword and optimization should only be next to writing high-quality article or content that your reader wants and needs. So make sure that you have a systematic keyword research that will help you develop your chance for epic output that will reach those audiences who’ll benefit from such content the most.


3. For all the aspects of content marketing, make use of SEO data for further details

SEO itself can be frustrating at times because it changes from time to time. But there’s one aspect wherein most content marketers can rejoice: SEO efforts produce a wealth of data that can be very useful for content marketing efforts improvement.
For example, when you analyze the SEO insights provided by your preferred tool, the findings can be used to develop your future content creation and distribution efforts.


4. Combine SEO and social media

For you to be successful in the online world, semantic search, in particular, your SEO and social media efforts should complement each other. Therefore, if you really want to attract, engage, and convert your target market, be focus on both search and social content efforts.


5. Consider the 4 V’s of semantic search

As time pass by, searching online can now focus on the context of a search, also known as semantic search. This goes the same with the algorithms that are more improved on signal interpretations of every user. With this development, it’s necessary for marketers to readjust how they evaluate the success of SEO.


6. Choose the right agency

To manage your SEO, you need to be able to choose the right agency that can do the job you prefer. Such agencies can be categorised into two, the social-driven and SEO-driven agency.
As with content and SEO marketing, the social media and SEO are usually viewed as opponents, but in reality, they work best when implemented together. In case that your hired SEO agency favours one discipline, there’s a high probability that you could be jeopardising your content marketing success. In short, choose to use both if you really want your efforts to succeed.


7. Audit your SEO

To improve your SEO, the first thing you can do is to audit your progress. In this fast changing industry, re-evaluating your strategies and SEO plans is one of the effective ways to remain on top of these rapid changes and continue to move your website content forward.


8. Keep learning about SEO

Never think that you can have the whole scope of SEO in a single post or in its selection. Be reminded that in the SEO world, there’s a highly dynamic field that is constantly evolving and improving its capabilities. For you to prepare or keep up with this future shift, always be open to learnings.


Another way to keep yourself updated with all the current SEO techniques and trends is to do your own research. You can also follow sites off a list of authority blogs and resources that can provide you with some solid foundation to help you further in the future.


9. Measure your success

To gauge success is difficult especially when you have to do it with no longer just one home page. But there are ways to measure the success of search engine optimization as it ties into your content marketing techniques.