Jul 19 2017

5 Reasons Why You Need an SEO Friendly Website

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Is becoming an SEO-friendly website really necessary? Why should you take the time to ensure that everyone involved in creating your website understands the basics of SEO?

If you have a website published online, crawlers will naturally try to read them. The thing is, search engine crawlers don’t see websites the way we do. For them, a website with a rich content may look as though a barren farmland.

There’s no information that describes what the website is about. When this happens, it’ll be harder to rank your website. All your efforts would run futile.

Let’s talk about more reasons why you should consider working with a reputable SEO company in building your website.


1. Boosting organic traffic.

Organic traffic follows the natural search behavior of users. Consider how you look for particular items or information online. You use search engines and most likely visit the first top 5 sites on the results page. It’s hard to take your site up these spots, but it’s even more taxing when your site isn’t SEO-friendly, to begin with. This is how important SEO is not only in Singapore. It will be relevant long as your target audience uses search engines to find your business.


2. Enhancing user experience.

When your website adheres to the basic principles of SEO, chances are your users will be able to digest the information you share more easily. They will find what they’re looking for fast. They won’t have to wait for forever until your pages load completely. In turn, this gives them a positive experience, making them more likely to come back and convert into a customer.


3. Lowering marketing spends for higher returns.

Your website will be working hard for you 24 hours a day. You might as well make sure they’re ready to accept new customers even when you’re asleep. If your website is attracting targeted traffic, then you will not have to spend as high on online advertising. You also will not have to rely on costly forms of advertising. While you will still spend, the amount is undeniably lower, all for longer, better benefits overall.


4. Increasing site credibility.

When users are familiar with your website or brand name, your credibility also increases. It’s easier to buy from a label you recognize than from one you haven’t heard of, right? When your site has a good online presence, more users will come to know about what you do. Even if you’re not after profit, won’t it work to your advantage that your site lands on the top search results?


5. Gearing for the influx of mobile users.

When your website is SEO friendly, chances are it’s mobile-friendly as well. With the significant number of mobile users, it’s only fitting to ensure that your website ranks on the mobile search too. If mobile users can’t find your website, you’re losing tons of opportunity to market your products or services.


If after reading this you’re still not convinced you to need a talk to SEO professionals and ask about actual case studies they did for previous clients. Look into the results. If your competitors have long been using SEO-friendly sites, you may be walking far behind.