Jun 16 2017

5 Innovative Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

The key requirements to an effective marketing plan are the consistent awareness about the emerging channels and upcoming trends. Even if the status of your business or SEO company is doing well because of the current strategies and techniques you’re using, you still should keep an eye on what’s next to stay competitive and always ahead of your competitors. In relation, this article presents the five helpful marketing tips to keep your small business successful even in the years to come.


1. Blog with expertise.

In the past years and if you’re working in the marketing industry, you’re probably aware that one of the trending virtual methods adopted by every company that owns a website is blogging. It is a simple but great way to get your small business noticed and to utilise search engine optimisation practices. However, with the growing number of firms that focus on the frequency, they tend to neglect and give importance to quality.


The main advantage of having high-quality blog posts or of optimising your site for search engines is the opportunity to appear on the top result page for topics related to your offered product or services. This will help you grow your business, increase your leads, and create more leads to visit your site.


2. Social media marketing strategies must be personalised.

Big companies can do more effective marketing campaigns especially if the teams in charge have sufficient funds. Small businesses can’t afford such social media techniques or other related marketing efforts. To address this concern, what they can do is to pay attention to personalised marketing strategies. One way is to track the behaviours of customers and segment them according to their interests.


3. Going mobile is the new trend.

The past several years have been a proof of the impact that mobile technology can do, particularly on the implementation of some marketing strategies. Some companies focus on utilising social media platforms while others on mobile browsing. In case you have not yet developed a mobile marketing strategy for your business, now is the right time to invest. You can send your campaign through the social media or via text messages.


4. Make sure email marketing is included in your marketing campaigns.

Never underestimate the power of email marketing because it already has proven itself as a beneficial tool for the growth of a company, even the small ones. The technique is to offer helpful content including guides and links and industry news to your expert blog content. Make it interesting, informative and engaging to read. In short, create an email marketing plan that is mobile-focused and detail-oriented.


5. Visual strategies.

SEO agency concludes that the social media is now taken by the creativity and opportunity brought by “live streaming.” Nowadays, live videos and feeds have become the new way to communicate a message. It is known to be a fast and effective way to connect with the target market and build brand.


Engaging graphics are also very useful in terms of the effectiveness of visual marketing, especially online where the people’s attention span is very limited.