Jun 22 2017

4 Remarkable SEO Strategies in This Information Age

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This is the year when SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) has become trendier. Many SEO marketers in Singapore are eager to know what it will bring for the digital marketing world. In relation, this article shares some of the experts’ prediction on how the search engines will behave toward human searches and what approach do marketers need to adapt to these updates. Below are some of the most relevant SEO strategies together with the predicted trends.


1. Mobile First

In the past years, the number of mobile users has increased and has even left behind the users of the desktop. Because of this happening, a mobile indexing approach has been created by Google. To evaluate the relevance of web page content to its users, Google primarily plans to create their index from a document that is mobile-focused. There’s no need to worry about this upcoming update especially if your website has equivalent markup and content across mobile and desktop versions.


2. Voice Search

With the fast paced technological innovation around the world, people require easy access to data at their fingertips and the technology giants like Microsoft and Google are the major players that can offer such information and comfort.

Voice search is one product outcome of this technological development. It has become one of the best mediums wherein people from different walks of life can interact with the search engines every time there’s a need to look for information online. One of the major tasks of digital marketers is to do what is comfortable to most users worldwide and they are doing their best to make this happen. Therefore, if the number of users is migrating for voice search because of its comfort-ability, then expect the digital marketers to focus more on the voice strategy.


 3. Content Marketing

In general, marketing brands are consistently practicing the creation of meaningful, valuable and reliable content as their way of approaching the target market in order to generate leads and create a customer base. If you want to make a better content marketing technique, you’ll need to come up with interesting content which shows excellence and tells success stories.


4. Content Optimisation

Experts from SEO company in Singapore recommends to optimize for content and not for a keyword, which means that the web content must be valuable for your online readers. If you don’t provide them with quality content there’s a high possibility that the ranking of your website will drop drastically. Your site can be tagged as spam or be blocked completely by a major search engine like Google.

On the other hand, if you can genuinely put your efforts on giving valuable information, your site will naturally make its way to the top search results which will definitely benefit you and your company. Your chance of getting more visitors will increase which can turn to leads in no time. To make this scenario possible, be sure to include engaging contents on your websites such as appealing videos, free trials, animated content, newsletter, infographics, subscription, PDF downloads, opt-in forms and more. Your options are countless.